Vasile Banda, father of eight, was killed in a farm accident during the harvest of September 1927.  Based on this photo his burial was well attended.  Unfortunately for us the names of the people who posed for this photo are largely unknown to me.  Perhaps you recognize some of the faces?

In my family tree I have a John Avram who was born near or in Rouleau, Saskatchewan to "Mary Purcil" and "Nicholi Avram" and registered with the Saskatchewan government on November 3, 1905.  I found this interesting because his birth registration number is only "24".  He was the twenty-fourth baby registered since Saskatchewan became a province and began tracking such things.  

Wouldn't it be something to have a street named after you?  If you are a Donison you can hold your head high as you cruise your car up and down Donison Drive!

This photo was taken in 1928 and captures what is described as a Kayville and Avonlea drama company.  Maybe you can tell me more but I have to go with that simple description and assume that these people performed Romanian music and dancing.  What fun!

In northern Saskatchewan a quiet bay on a lake is named for a young soldier named Dan Cojocar who died in WWII.

Sometimes family history is commemorated when a landmark is named in their honour.  Here are some some bragging rights for the Banda family.

Wax up your surf boards because we are going surfing on Banda Lake!

Glenn Francis Yost was killed in World War II (WWII) as a member of the South Saskatchewan Rifles in the fighting that followed the D-Day invasion of France.  To honour his contribution a lake in Saskatchewan has been given the name Yost Lake.