In 1924 Alex Bodnaresk built a two storey business with a cafe on the ground floor and hotel rooms on the second floor.  This was Kayville's first hotel and first cafe!

Initially the population of Saskatchewan began around the towns that had traditionally existed along the wagon tracks across the region.  With the arrival of the railroad across the province towns sprang up at regular intervals to service the trains with fuel and water. Slowly the rails pushed the development in those new regions too, just like the one that would become Kayville.

Modern weddings can take so many forms.  For the first generation Canadian Romanian families they often continued the old-world traditions practiced by their forefathers.

I believe that this is a photo to commemorate the departure of Ion "John" for Canada.  It was a common custom to have a photo taken on the day of departure. A luxury these peasants were lucky to be able to afford.

We can guess the date of this photo to be around 1907 and that it was taken perhaps in, what is today called, Liteni, Comuna Moara, Județul Suceava, Romania.

A group of Cojocari children from the Nick & Garafira, John & Maranda and Costan & Cleofira lines gather in the 1954 for the wedding of Russell F. "Russ" Riopelle of Emilia "Millie" J. Cojocari. I am convinced of occasion based on the attire of George Cojocar (#4) and Emilie "Millie" Cojocar nee Dzombak (#5) also see in the article .

A party to celebrate the christening of the daughter of John Kraincuik on August 28, 1913 on a farm near Avonlea, Saskatchewan took a terrible turn when a fight broke out and a man was killed.  The man who died was named John Paicu.  The men accused of causing his death were John Cojocari, his brother Nicolai Cojocari and Mordari Puscar.

Here we have a group photo from 1934 of the wedding of George Cojocar and Mary Banda.  The photo was taken on the farm of Nick and Garafira Cojocari.  There are 36 people in the photo and I have only named 17 of them.  I need your to help identify some of the guests in this photo if you can.