Here are some of the resources which I have stumbled upon or been provided.  I am forever grateful.

I hope that in your search for family history you will be lucky enough to encounter the works of others that supply you with research.  

When you are presenting family history to people they find lists of names and dates less interesting and things like stories and photos to be more interesting.  The biggest challenge can be photos because the knowledge of who was captured in a photo and why the photo was taken can easily be lost.

When I have come across newspaper articles, obituaries and books that contain important information I prefer to take both an image copy of the item as well as capture the actual text.  Having the actual text allows for searching as well as copy-and-paste.   My problem has always been the getting the actual text off of the paper and into my computer.  What is the best way?

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In the beginning I had no idea how to perform genealogy.  My mother recorded her findings old-school, on paper.  The paper was then put into folders and boxes along with photos and articles.  When I took over the hunt I thought I was doing an amazing job by simply buying a genealogy computer program and pounding the information she supplied in.