Do you have that one cousin who is always referred to as 'twice removed'?  How many times do you have to 'remove' the guy before he is actually gone?  Will the third time be the charm?

Describing a family relationship has a language all it's own.  Here is a handy chart showing how to refer to the people in your family tree.

Cousins Chart

The chart below is what is commonly called a Cousins Chart or a Relationship Chart.  They come in a variety of formats and what I present here is one that is pretty easy to understand as it is centered around you.  

Each layer of the chart is the same generation.  They can be siblings or the children of a previous generation. 


Hopefully you find this chart helpful however is only shows common 'blood relationships' (also referred to as 'consanguinity') only. If your family is more complex where cousins married cousins or there are remarriages and blended families in the tree then you need more terms than I am prepared to present in a diagram.  I suggest you read the Wikipedia article on Cousins [] to learn about the definitions of Double-Cousins, Half-Cousins and Step-Cousins.

Need More Complexity

If you are looking for a chart that would allow you to identify the relationship of two people based on their connection to a common ancestor you need to search for an example of what is called a Canon Law Relationship Chart.