In the beginning I had no idea how to perform genealogy.  My mother recorded her findings old-school, on paper.  The paper was then put into folders and boxes along with photos and articles.  When I took over the hunt I thought I was doing an amazing job by simply buying a genealogy computer program and pounding the information she supplied in.  

Using a computer did a lot to bring order to the information but I still didn't know anything about genealogy as a process.  You can read about my experience with using software in Genealogy Software.

My Mom abt 1964

My mother was collecting a little family history in the 1970's and 1980's but then became more serious through the 1990's.  She had the interest and the vision to collect information from the previous generations who were still alive at the time which might have been lost to me as the second generation genealogist in the family.  My mother was not able to continue the research and I assumed responsibility around 2006.  I will be forever grateful for her efforts.

I was handed my direct line which included the families of Berari, Banda, Bindescu, Cojocari, Comshoi, Marcenko, Stanchuck, Husdup, Stratinar, Dann, Colibaba, Cosmachuk, Martinak, Buzuleci and Primaru.  This line took me back to Romania around the mid-1800's.  It was a great start.

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