The book Land of Promise, subtitled Romanian Stories of Canadian Prairies is a very unique work.  The author Ion Longin Popescu, a Romanian journalist, travelled from communist Romania to Canada in 1983 to explore what became of Romanians to immigrated to Canada at the turn of the century.  His flair for description and excitement about exploring what became of his former countrymen comes through in this publication originally printed in Romania and then translated in english.

Author: Ion Longin Popescu

Published: The Romania Association, Bucharest, Romania (1986)

Pages: 154

Love the Book

I enjoy the style of the author.  It is a bit like reading someones travel diary and I came away with a sense of the authors passion for the subject.  I have used an excerpt of the book in the article Good Evening, Honourable Guests!

Take a look in the Table of Contents and see if there would be items of interest for you!

Document Your Sources

You are probably a Genealogist if you have found this website so I shouldn't have to remind you about documenting your sources.  ...but document your sources.  You can read about my experience in the article entitled Sources.