Published in 2009, Romanians in Canada is a well researched book that looks at the immigration of Romanians to Canada through the lens of their religious devotion to the Romanian Orthodox Church.  The book demonstrates the necessity of the church in the lives of Romanians and weaves stories of parish creation with settlement across Canada.

ISBN: 978-1-929200-14-6

Published: 2009

Author: Eleanor Bujea, Ph.D.

Pages 278

eBook Recommended

I would recommend purchase of this book as an e-book so that you can search through it's text.  I was able to quickly find references in the e-book to people and places that my research was following.

See the Table of Contents

Please examine the Table of Contents to see if this book would also enrich your family history quest.

Document Your Sources

You are probably a Genealogist if you have found this website so I shouldn't have to remind you about documenting your sources.  ...but document your sources.  You can read about my experience in the article entitled Sources.