Have you seen something on this site that isn't correct?  I want to help!  Contact me!

Where did you find it?

I have collected all of my information from talking with family, other genealogists, cemeteries, books, governments, newspapers and sources on the internet.  I collect what I can and I document where I found it as it is not unusual to collect information that conflicts or to find only heresay instead of facts.  It is the nature of the hunt.

I never know what I am going to find so I collect dates, numbers, facts, stories and photos.  I would never embarrass anyone on purpose so I tend to discard 'funny' photos and don't bother with stories about family fights or who hated whom but I can't predict who would be offended by what.  This is why, although I collect some information about the living I don't take more than names, birth dates, weddings, children and photos.

In short, most of the information collected is in the public domain already.

Why do you have information about the living at all?

The uses for the information are small due to the privacy concerns.  Mostly questions from family about 'How am I related to so-and-so?', possible family reunion invitations and saving time for future genealogists watching for deaths.

If you don't want me to have your information that is fine.

Are you alive but I have listed you as dead?

If I ever get any complaints or questions it is always from the living (yeesh!).  As I mentioned, if I have you listed as dead I have been misinformed, made a mistake in my database or in rare cases perhaps it is you who is in error.  Contact me and I'll get you back into the land of the living ASAP!

I have missed some of your family

This is part of the reason to have this website!  Hello cousin!  Contact me and let's make sure history properly reflects your branch of the tree.

I am always on the hunt for new and correct details!