In northern Saskatchewan a quiet bay on a lake is named for a young soldier named Dan Cojocar who died in WWII.

Cojocar Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada

The name of Dan N. Cojocar was commemorated by the Saskatchewan Geographic Names Board to honour his death in World War II (WWII).  They officially named the bay at the south end of a lake named Gordon Lake for him - calling it Cojocar Bay on Feb 7, 1963.

You can read more about Dan in Private Dan N. Cojocar and World War II.

It Can Be Confusing to Find

There seem to be at least three lakes in Saskatchewan called Gordon Lake. Make sure you use these map coordinates (55°48'00.5"N 106°30'04.0"W) to make sure you are looking at the correct one!  This lake is a 290km drive NE of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.

See more on the federal government website Natural Resources Canada

What About Cojocar Lake?

According to the Sasksearch website there are two bodies of water in Saskatchewan named after Cojocars who died in the WWII; Dan Cojocar and George Cojocar. 

Cojocar Lake was named after George Cojocar who is the 'other' Cojocar that shows up when you search Vetran Affairs for "Cojocar". That George Cojocar was a pilot in the air force. I am not related to this George Cojocar.