On July 12, 1936 the parishioners of Saint Mary's Church north of Kayville gathered for this group photo on the occasion of the first visit by Bishop Policarp (Pompei) Morusca.

I only know TWO people in this whole photo!  Can you help me identify more?

The banner being held says: <translated> "Welcome your Eminence".

Printed on the bottom of the photo: <translated> "Souvenir from the first visit of his Eminence Bishop Policarp on the occasion of the sanctuary of the Most Holy Saint Mary's Church of Kayville Sask 12 July 1936"

Occasion of the Bishop's Visit

Bishop Policarp Morusca came to North America in June of 1935. He was the first Bishop of Canada and the United States of America. He visited all the Romanian Orthodox parishes in the United States and Canada in an effort to unify the church.

The Romanian Orthodox Church and the Church of Russia were competing to gain members, to build churches and to declare their own bishops. He found that about one-half of the priests serving in the parishes were ordained by Russian bishops while the other half came from various dioceses in Romania. Between the two groups, there was little cooperation. After visiting in the parishes and consulting with the priests, he decided to accept them as he found them.

Can You Identify Anyone?

Perhaps if you grew up with this photo you were taught to point to some of the people in this photo that were from your family.  I'm assuming that if I can get enough people together each contributing their information about the photo we will be able to document this photo in time.  Will you help?

I am going to put some thought into how to mark people in the photo so that can refer to them.  I could do a grid like with Early Saint Mary's Church Group.  I haven't decided yet.

With your assistance maybe we can document the photo as has been done in Kayville Citizens 1920.

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