Early in the life of Saint Mary's Church north of Kayville the parishioners gathered for this group photo.  I do not know ANYONE in the photo.

Saint Mary's Church was built in 1915 and I am guessing that this photo was taken close to that year but I don't know.  Neither do I know the occasion they were marking. Do you know more?

Can You Identify Anyone?

Perhaps if you grew up with this photo you were taught to point to some of the people in this photo that were from your family.  I'm assuming that if I can get enough people together each contributing their information about the photo we will be able to document this photo in time.  Will you help?

With your assistance maybe we can document the photo as has been done in Kayville Citizens 1920.

The Grid Over the Photo

With the huge number of people in the photo I was a confronted by how to best have people indicate to me the names of people in the photo.  I thought it would be impossible to label each person with a number.  I thought it would be a huge undertaking to use HTML image mapping, at least right away so I settled on the grid you see below.

I have labeled the rows with letters and the columns with numbers.  If you know the name of someone in the photo please provide me with the coordinates of the grid location of their face (if their face is split between more than one, include both or a description of who to look for).

For example, the tall priest in the photo is at grid B28.  See if you can find him!

Need a larger version to examine?  Click on the photo below or click here to see one.

Waiting for your assistance!

I'll list the people's names if anyone contributes.