I believe that this is a photo to commemorate the departure of Ion "John" and Maranda Cojocari for Canada.  It was a common custom to have a photo taken on the day of departure.

We can guess the date of this photo to be around 1910 and that it was taken perhaps in Liteni, Comuna Moara, Suceava County, Romania.

So far, this is the only photo I have where Timofti Cojocari and his wife Elisaveta “Elizabeth” appear.  Timofti died in 1918 so the photo had to be taken before then.

List of people in the photo by number:

1. Ion "John" Cojocari Husband of Maranda (#2) and son of Timofti (#4) and Elisaveta "Elizabeth" (#3)

2. Maranda Cojocari nee Tehulka Wife of Ion "John" (#1) 

3. Elisaveta “Elizabeth” Cojocari nee Cosmachuk.  Wife of Timofti (#4)

4. Timofti Cojocari.  Husband of Elisaveta “Elizabeth” (#3)


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