Katerina Trofim nee Ritzko the daughter of Istafi Ritzko and Maria and niece of Eftim Ritsco.  Her family was cultural Russian from Romania.  She immigrated to Canada with her parents in 1910 at the age of fourteen and lived on her father's homestead NW-14-09-24-W2 north of Kayville. When she was about eighteen another cultural Russian, Alex Trofim, began homesteading next to her father's land.  Two years later, in 1916, twenty year-old Katerina married the thirty-one year-old Alex. She and Alex farmed and raised thirteen children.  They were married fifty-five years when Alex passed away in 1971.  Katerina lived another year following the death of Alex and in 1972 she too died at the age of seventy-five and was laid to rest with him in Regina Cemetery in Regina, Saskatchewan.