Their website says "The largest online newspaper archive", while I haven't had to stray too far around the planet to find newspaper articles I must recommend subscribing to this on-line newspaper archive.  As of today, I have found 500+ articles concerning my ancestors! 

Creator: (iArchives Inc., previously Automated Solutions Inc.) was acquired by Ancestry

Published:  Beginning 2010, Utah, USA

Author:  Various

From their website, " is the largest online newspaper archive consisting of 634 million+ pages of historical newspapers from 20,100+ newspapers from around the United States and beyond." is a subscription resource.  If you use the site in conjunction with an or subscription you will be able to gain access to their searches in a very efficient fashion.  The site can also be used on it's own.

Before I subscribed to the site I thought I was doing pretty well with finding newspaper articles.  Through using microfilm and the Google News Archive I had found 150+ articles.  After I subscribed to I was able to find an additional 560+ articles in less than a year.  To me it has been of tremendous value in my search.

Go to the site and plug in your ancestors names and places!

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