Don't forget the humble newspaper as a source of family history!  In my early days of the hunt I spent many hundreds of hours at the library scrolling through microfilm of old newspapers.  It is tedious but if you have some dates of weddings, births and deaths you might get lucky reading through newspapers!

The Google News Archive has a colourful history and at one time was going to save us all a ton of time by digitizing and indexing all newspapers that were ever put on microfilm. Unfortunately the complexity of the task was beyond even that of Google.  You can read about it on Wikipedia.

Basically as far as Google is concerned their attempt is over and they have posted what they have.  What you see is what you get.  

Hopefully you will find some of the newspapers you need in your research on their news archive site.  If it isn't there you will have to try another supplier on the internet or head down to your local library or University.

Begin your search of the Google News Archive here.

My Favourites

Regina, Saskatchewan Newspapers
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Newspapers
Windsor, Ontario Newspapers