The Cojocari/Geminick Family Tree book is a fun little self-published book.  Largely a photo book with sections devoted to individual family lines there are three pages showing valuable family tree information for the Geminick and Cojocari families.

Published: 2013

Author: Unknown

Pages: 84

Joining the Geminick Tree to the Cojocari Tree

Cassian Geminick and Saveta "Elizabeth" Nicutari form one branch with more focus given to their oldest daughter Viola Geminick who married Eli Cojocari.

Constantine "Costan" Cojocari and Cleofira Craciun form another general branch with more focus on their third child and first-born son Eli Cojocari who married Viola Geminick.  

Valuable Photos

I have been able to reference this book as a source for almost 180 people in my family tree so this has been a very valuable resource.  The substantial number of great photos in the book has allowed me to add a lot of colour to my database of dry dates and names.  I now have at least one photo of each person in this branch of the family.  

Photos are important to me and you can read about my experiences in People in the Photos. This must have been a big task for the family to accomplish if the organization of old family photos is as loose as most families I have found.

Thank you for all of your hard work Cojocari and Geminick families!

Document Your Sources

You are probably a Genealogist if you have found this website so I shouldn't have to remind you about documenting your sources.  ...but document your sources.  You can read about my experience in the article entitled Sources.