Inside the Saint Peter and Paul Romanian Orthodox Church in Kayville, Saskatchewan there is a binder that contains information about deaths and burials for the St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church north of Kayville.  It records 213 burials.

Published:  Last updated 2006, Kayville, SK

Author:  Ardeth Siminiuk

Pages:  14

Saint Mary's Church

Handwritten Lists

My thanks to the author Ardeth Siminiuk for undertaking the work to collect the information on the deaths and burials in the Saint Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church Cemetery.  It was very thoughtful to put this copy in the Saint Peter and Paul Romanian Orthodox Church as people who are searching for their heritage will likely need information from a number of local churches and cemeteries.

The binder documents 213 deaths, 106 of which correspond to burials at the St. Mary's Church Cemetery. The other 107 dead must have been interred at the St. Mary's Church Cemetery but there are no grave markers for them today.  All of the entries are handwritten and are organized by date of death.

This document contains very important information because the grave markers for many of the burials are either unreadable or missing completely.  I have been able to use this book as a source of information for over 70 people in my family tree.

Have a Look Yourself

When I visited the Saint Peter and Paul Romanian Orthodox Church I was able to photograph all of the pages to post on this website.  See this document in Kayville Burials (1910-2015)

There is a similar document inside the Saint Mary's Church too which I discuss in Saint Mary's Church Burial Records.

Document Your Sources

You are probably a Genealogist if you have found this website so I shouldn't have to remind you about documenting your sources.  ...but document your sources.  You can read about my experience in the article entitled Sources.