The book Prairie Grass to Golden Grain: RM 70 Ogema & Surrounding Areas has been a gold mine for me. It focuses on history and families in the Kayville, Saskatchewan area.

Published:  1982

Author: Ogema and District Historical Society

Pages: 786

What a job it must have been for the Ogema and District Historical Society to create this reference book.  They did not so much author this book as collect and edit stories and information.  Hundreds of people must have submitted contributions.  I imagine in the pre-email, pre-answering-machine and pre-cellphone days of 1982 it was a huge undertaking to not only track people down who might be able to contribute but to then chase them all to secure and finalize the submissions.

I have used around 90 pages from this book as sources for my research so far.  I am sure I will be coming back to this book more in the future.

This book was seminal for the creation of the article Kayville Timeline.

Have a look through the Table of Contents and Index and see if any of your family history is captured in this book.