The book The Donison Family Tree is a genealogy work produced by Lee Donison in 1969.  It captures the descendants of Nicolae “Nick” “Shkeoppo” Donisan and his sons Gheorghi “George”, Laurenti, Constantine and Ion “Nicuta” “John”.

Published: 1969 (Second publication) 

Author: Lee Donison

Pages: 124

Family Project

This family history was first published in 1967 and then updated in 1969.  This book is referenced in my article Family History Collections.  

I celebrate Lee Donison's dedication of the 124+ page book to the memory of his father Sebastian who had wished that a Donison Family Tree could be captured though he passed away before being able to realize it himself.  Working on family history in the pre-internet days would have required a dedication and passion that people today could not begin to understand.  Congratulations Lee, this substantial work truly honours your father!

Well Organized 

Lee Donison bef 1969

The book is nicely laid out by generation and by family.  It seems to have captured about five generations.  Where possible the first four generations have a photo of each family member and a brief synopsis of their life.  Most of the family members list the name of their spouse and may also include birth and death information for them too.

I have no blood relation to the Donison family but through marriage I have most relationships through the George and Anna Donison line so my entries from this book concentrated there.  However due to inter-marriage in the Kayville region I ended up entering a majority (but not all) of this Donison family tree to add more complete relationships.  I have entered almost 290 people into my tree from this book.  

You can read a small excerpt from the book in Donisan Family: Early Settlers.

Document Your Sources

You are probably a Genealogist if you have found this website so I shouldn't have to remind you about documenting your sources.  ...but document your sources.  You can read about my experience in the article entitled Sources.