This book contains local and family histories for the area surrounding Truax, Saskatchewan.  This is another impressive work created lovingly by families in the region to capture and preserve their history.  Historians and genealogists will be forever grateful for all of this hard work in 1983.

The book Land of Promise, subtitled Romanian Stories of Canadian Prairies is a very unique work.  The author Ion Longin Popescu, a Romanian journalist, travelled from communist Romania to Canada in 1983 to explore what became of Romanians to immigrated to Canada at the turn of the century.  His flair for description and excitement about exploring what became of his former countrymen comes through in this publication originally printed in Romania and then translated in english.

In 2003 the descendants of Yoil Banda and Vista Simeon completed a genealogy work titled The Banda Family History, subtitled Banda Family History Book 2003.  Congratulations Team Banda!  This 90 page family history does an excellent job of describing Romanian history, recalling Banda immigration to Canada and showcasing the lives of these early settlers.

The book Prairie Grass to Golden Grain: RM 70 Ogema & Surrounding Areas has been a gold mine for me. It focuses on history and families in the Kayville, Saskatchewan area.

Published in 2009, Romanians in Canada is a well researched book that looks at the immigration of Romanians to Canada through the lens of their religious devotion to the Romanian Orthodox Church.  The book demonstrates the necessity of the church in the lives of Romanians and weaves stories of parish creation with settlement across Canada.

The book The Donison Family Tree is a genealogy work produced by Lee Donison in 1969.  It captures the descendants of Nicolae “Nick” “Shkeoppo” Donisan and his sons Gheorghi “George”, Laurenti, Constantine and Ion “Nicuta” “John”.

This thick tome was assembled in the pre-internet age and it follows the Robbins family from the late 1700's.  It contains dates, places, names, stories, documents and photos.  A very professional and concise family history covering more than two hundred and thirty years.