The town of Kayville, Saskatchewan located approximately 86km/54mi southwest of the Saskatchewan provincial capital city Regina was one of the many small towns that sprung up in the new province to receive immigrants who would settle the Canadian west.  

Did you happen to uncover some of your Saskatchewan ancestor's homesteads or farms and end up with a designation like SW-16-09-24-W2?  I'll bet you were excited like I was when I discovered my first one and plugged it into Google Maps only to find out that the mighty Google will not plot it on a map!!  How can you find the location of the land on a map?  I'll help you by sharing with you what I have learned.

I grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan and lived there for more than two decades and despite the years of experience I was completely unaware that there was an area of the city once known as 'Germantown'.  The neighbourhood is immediately to the east of the downtown and it was the place where immigrants first settled.  It was called Germantown because most immigrants were from the Austral-Hungarian Empire, I am guessing.  Immigrants... like Romanians?

Do you have that one cousin who is always referred to as 'twice removed'?  How many times do you have to 'remove' the guy before he is actually gone?  Will the third time be the charm?

Describing a family relationship has a language all it's own.  Here is a handy chart showing how to refer to the people in your family tree.

I have mentioned that I assumed the role of family genealogist from my mother in the Preface and that she worked with paper.  When I moved the process into the digital age and began using some genealogy software I initially found the idea of documenting sources to be a bit of a curiosity.  

As Romanians were arriving in North America in the early part of the 1900's they gathered at different places close to the eastern ports before learning more about travelling west.  Once such place where they gathered to get their feet under themselves was Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  There were enough Romanian immigrants in the city at the time that there was an area of town known for this colourful group.  Perhaps if your Ancestors listed Montreal as a final destination on their ship manifest this is where they ended up?  Mine did!

Growing up I was surrounded by an extended family and I always loved attending family events.  My parents taught me to call all of the older generations 'Aunt' and 'Uncle' as a sign of respect.  Admittedly this kept things simple but it also kept my real relationship to each of them a mystery to me.