Articles tagged as "People" reveal interesting pieces of information or stories about people and their families.  I hope these little creations bring some of my ancestors to life for you!

  • Kayville Timeline

    Initially the population of Saskatchewan began around the towns that had traditionally existed along the wagon tracks across the region.  With the arrival of the railroad across the province towns sprang up at regular intervals to service the trains with fuel and water. Slowly the rails pushed the development in those new regions too, just like the one that would become Kayville.

  • Kayville Hotel and Cafe 1924

    In 1924 Alex Bodnaresk built a two storey business with a cafe on the ground floor and hotel rooms on the second floor.  This was Kayville's first hotel and first cafe!

  • Blurbs

  • Timofti Cojocari Group

    I believe that this is a photo to commemorate the departure of Ion "John" and Maranda Cojocari for Canada.  It was a common custom to have a photo taken on the day of departure.

    We can guess the date of this photo to be around 1910 and that it was taken perhaps in Liteni, Comuna Moara, Suceava County, Romania.

  • Wedding of George Cojocari and Mary Banda

    Here we have a group photo from 1934 of the wedding of George Cojocar and Mary Banda.  The photo was taken on the farm of Nick and Garafira Cojocari.  There are 36 people in the photo and I have only named 17 of them.  I need you to help identify some of the guests in this photo if you can.

  • Early Saint Mary's Church Group

    Early in the life of Saint Mary's Church north of Kayville the parishioners gathered for this group photo.  I do not know ANYONE in the photo.

    Saint Mary's Church was built in 1915 and I am guessing that this photo was taken close to that year but I don't know.  Neither do I know the occasion they were marking. Do you know more?

  • 1912 Wedding Group

    I am told that this is a wedding photo taken on July 24, 1912 in or around the town of Marcelin, Saskatchewan.  I was initially given only the names for people on the left side and then I discovered a more complete list of names in the book Land of Promise so I am pleased to say that the mystery on this photo is fading!

    Perhaps you can fill in some of the remaining blanks for me?

  • 1936 Saint Mary's Church Group

    On July 12, 1936 the parishioners of Saint Mary's Church north of Kayville gathered for this group photo on the occasion of the first visit by Bishop Policarp (Pompei) Morusca.

    I only know TWO people in this whole photo!  Can you help me identify more?

  • Wedding of George Cojocari and Mary Varteniuk

    In 1936 a very large group of handsome people stood for the photo at the wedding of George J. Cojocar and Mary Varteniuk.  What a great find for us... I just wonder who they all are.  Do you know?

  • Funeral of Nicolai Donison

    In 1925 Nicolai "Nick" Donison has been suffering from a gastric ulcer and sought medical treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA in a bid to regain his health.  Despite the state-of-the-art care Nick, father of six, would be dead two weeks later.  This photo was taken on the day of his funeral.  There are a couple of unknown faces in the small crowd.  Perhaps you know who they were?

  • Funeral of Vasile Banda

    Vasile Banda, father of eight, was killed in a farm accident during the harvest of September 1927.  Based on this photo his burial was well attended.  Unfortunately for us the names of the people who posed for this photo are largely unknown to me.  Perhaps you recognize some of the faces?

  • 1957 Group Photo

    My family has a tradition of posing for group photos when we get together.  This tradition has been handed down over the generations as we see in this example photographed in 1957.  I wish I knew what the occasion or location was but sadly all I have is the developers stamp on the border of the photo stating "Feb 1957".  I recognize a number of faces but there are a few I am going to need your help with!

  • Kayville, Saskatchewan

    The town of Kayville, Saskatchewan located approximately 86km/54mi southwest of the Saskatchewan provincial capital city Regina was one of the many small towns that sprung up in the new province to receive immigrants who would settle the Canadian west.  

  • Good Evening, Honourable Guests!

    The life of pioneers was exhausting and full of endless work but somehow they alway made time for fun.  Weddings were as much a celebration as an excuse for a party that would go on for days. Tom Banda recounted some memories from his youth in the 1930's and 1940's as part of his contribution in the book, Land of Promise.

  • John Avram: Saskatchewan Baby #24

    In my family tree I have a John Avram who was born near or in Rouleau, Saskatchewan to "Mary Purcil" and "Nicholi Avram" and registered with the Saskatchewan government on November 3, 1905.  I found this interesting because his birth registration number is only "24".  He was the twenty-fourth baby registered since Saskatchewan became a province and began tracking such things.  

  • Kayville and Avonlea Drama Company (1928)

    This photo was taken in 1928 and captures what is described as a Kayville and Avonlea drama company.  Maybe you can tell me more but I have to go with that simple description and assume that these people performed Romanian music and dancing.  What fun!

  • Landmark: Banda Lake

    Sometimes family history is commemorated when a landmark is named in their honour.  Here are some some bragging rights for the Banda family.

    Wax up your surf boards because we are going surfing on Banda Lake!

  • Landmark: Donison Drive

    Wouldn't it be something to have a street named after you?  If you are a Donison you can hold your head high as you cruise your car up and down Donison Drive!

  • Landmark: Cojocar Bay

    In northern Saskatchewan a quiet bay on a lake is named for a young soldier named Dan Cojocar who died in WWII.

  • Landmark: Yost Lake

    Glenn Francis Yost was killed in World War II (WWII) as a member of the South Saskatchewan Rifles in the fighting that followed the D-Day invasion of France.  To honour his contribution a lake in Saskatchewan has been given the name Yost Lake.