My family history is heavily centred around Kayville, Saskatchewan.  As such some of the articles have been tagged with "Kayville".  This means that something specific to Kayville or perhaps the area is contained in the write-up.

  • Holy Trinity Church Burial Records

    Inside the bell tower at the original Saint Peter and Paul Romanian Orthodox Cemetery northeast of Kayville, Saskatchewan there is a binder that contains information on the burials at the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church Cemetery just west of Kayville.  Detailed in the document are 101 burials.

  • Kayville Burials (1910-2015)

    My search for family information is quite centred on the small region surrounding Kayville, Saskatchewan.  Having such a small region to scour should make things easy but when it comes to determining the truth of a fact the challenge remains.  I have compiled a list of 569 dead in the Kayville area between the dates of 1910 and 2015.  Some of the information is quite complete while some other only raise more questions!